Our Projects

If you're a developer and you are trying to put multiple megawatts in the ground over the next two, three years, we are a great partner for you.

Flexible Investment Capabilities

At CleanCapital, operating DG solar projects have long been our bread and butter. While our affinity for 25-year PPAs with investment-grade off-take will never waver, we are not letting emerging segments and new business models pass us by.

The flexibility of our structure empowers us to move nimbly to capitalize on opportunities in small-scale behind-the-meter and in-front-of-the-meter energy storage, community solar, or C&I solar with business, municipal, non-profit, and small-scale utility off-take.

We are actively acquiring operating or mid-late development stage (pre-NTP to COD) projects, and have the ability to selectively deploy small amounts of development capital.

Working with Developers & Project Owners

The transparency and credibility of our team brings about lasting partnerships, and repeat business makes the acquisition process that much more efficient for all parties involved.


Tahoe Project

Near Los Angeles, CA

Size (kW): 3 projects, ~1,100 kW each

Off-taker: Municipal (military)

Asset type: Operating solar

These three projects, about 1.1 MW each, supply 100% renewable power to a California military base. CleanCapital has managed the assets since 2018.


Cascade Project

Pueblo, CO

Size (kW): 1,193

Off-taker: University

Asset type: Operating solar

This 1.2 MW ground-mounted development reached operation in 2008 and has a 20 year power purchase agreement with the university.


Denali Project

Indianapolis, IN

Size (kW): 12,569

Off-taker: Municipal (airport)

Asset type: Operating solar

When construction was completed in 2013 this was the largest solar farm on airport real estate in the world. The 13 MW project is CleanCapital’s largest single acquisition to date and remains its largest single project under management.

The Impact of CleanCapital

Clean energy isn’t just a great investment. It’s also great for the planet. We’re proud of the impact we are making to reduce carbon emissions and look forward to increasing these numbers by orders of magnitude.

CleanCapital's solar projects produced


kilowatt hours of clean, renewable energy over the last 2 years.

That is equivalent to...

Greenhouse gases emitted by


cars driven for a year

Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by


trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled

CO2 emissions from


homes' energy use for one year

CO2 emissions from


million pounds of coal burned

Carbon sequestered by more than


acres of U.S. forests in a year