A Letter from the CEO

When we started CleanCapital back in 2015, clean energy investing was a very different ballgame. I had spent years helping to bring marquee utility-scale projects to fruition, but at the same time was seeing smaller projects die on the vine.

We had a vision back then of getting more capital into clean energy, and specifically into the sectors like small-scale solar that needed it most. But it is a challenging arena to invest in at scale, and investors were hesitant.

Over the last five years, our team has built an investment platform tailored to middle market solar and storage from the ground up. We honed our tools—including proprietary diligence software—and our expertise. And consequently we have led one blue-chip institutional investor after another into the attractive and rapidly maturing sector of distributed clean energy.

“There is unstoppable momentum to transition the global economy to clean energy. With the backing of Manulife, one of the world's leading infrastructure investors, CleanCapital is poised to be a leader in that transition.

Thomas Byrne, CEO of CleanCapital

I'm more excited than ever beforenot just for our company, but for our industry. We are witnessing a sea change in investor outlook: a voracious appetite for ESG-aligned opportunities and a dawning recognition of climate-related risk. As a result, we’re seeing even traditional fossil stalwarts coming to the clean energy table for the first time ever.

CleanCapital is already a proven leader in the distributed generation (DG) sector, and investor feedback over the last year reinforces my belief that our platform, our team, and our approach to this business are second to none. We will spend the next few years investing capital on behalf of our shareholders to advance the transition to a net-zero economy. And along the way CleanCapital will become an unequivocal leader in the clean energy space.

I hope we have the opportunity to work together toward a common goal of building a cleaner and more resilient future.

Our Next Chapter